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We like to treat all of our sales enquiries individually and there is no better way to do that than meeting up with you to discuss your specific requirements and suggest the correct sales points for you. We place every emphasis on the 'family' aspect of our business so you will only ever be visited by a member of the Morelli family.

From your initial enquiry to set-up and training, we will support you by giving that invaluable help and advice that comes with our many years of industry experience.

We sell our ice cream in the following ways.

Scoop Ice Cream

Morelli Ice Cream - Sell within existing retail set up

Part of existing retail

We offer two levels of Scoop package for retailers who wish to sell our ice cream as part of what they already do. A basic investment package including a ten or a thirteen flavour display cabinet, utensils, and point of sale is a great option for those who do not have a lot of space but still want to offer a fantastic profit making add-on to their business.

An intermediate investment package which includes a medium sized 16 or 18 flavour scoop cabinet, utensils, back-up freezer storage, internal and external signage and point of sale. This package would be an ideal option for retailers who wish to incorporate scoop ice cream as an integral and prominent feature to an existing retail set up.

Full training on portion control, ice cream display, hygiene control and allergy advice is included in both of these packages free of charge.

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Morelli Ice Cream - Sell as an official franchise

Official Morelli Franchise

This option is for a retailer who wishes to establish a stand-alone Morelli Ice Cream parlour with ice cream being the main offering. This package includes services and interior, bespoke back bar and counters including ice cream displays, coffee machine and patisserie, signage and branding, point of sale and our full training service that incorporates sundae creation, ice cream decoration and also help with implementing the systems required to run a successful franchise.

This service is backed up by our expertise and experience and we work very closely with each individual to provide a bespoke service that allows the franchisee to maximise their profit making opportunities.

Passion for the brand and a want to give excellent service is a must for this package!

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Hotels - Restaurants - Food Service

Morelli Ice Cream - Sell as Hotels - Restaurants - Food Service

Available Countrywide

With our comprehensive and ever changing flavour range and our all Ireland distribution network, Morelli Ice Cream is a natural choice for the foodservice sector.

We can provide excellent service with weekly deliveries (where available) and exciting complimentary products e.g. your very own personalised ice cream wafers which can be created for one off events like weddings and corporate functions or with your own logo to add a touch of class to any ice cream based dessert.

Contact us directly for more information on deliveries in your area.

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Pre-filled Retail Packs

Morelli Ice Cream - Retail Packs

Supermarkets - Delicatessens - Convenience Stores

For retailers, we offer our best-selling flavours in two different sizes of eye-catchingly packaged, pre-filled cartons.

Our individual sized 125ml Spoon-in-lid pots and 950ml take-home packs are packaged in 24's and 12's respectively and generate a generous profit on return. These pre-filled pots can be purchased through one of our special freezer deal packages, or indeed, on their own to be stocked in an existing freezer.

Central billing arrangements are in place with Northern Ireland's leading symbol groups and regular replenishment deliveries are available to retailers throughout Ireland. Striking Point of sale and imagery attracts customers to your freezer cabinet.

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Theatres - Schools - Events

Morelli Ice Cream - Pre-filled pots & freezer supply

Pre-filled pots & freezer supply

We offer our individual sized pots in our best-selling flavours.

For theatres, we can offer unique packages to suit your individual needs which can include refrigeration, branding and point of sale. For Schools, we offer a fantastic bespoke service which can include free freezer hire (subject to a minimum order), a sale-or-return option and delivery and collection service.

This service is ideal for schools, shows, young enterprise events, and any other event where there’s an audience!

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