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Honey & Whiskey

A honey flavoured ice cream made with real Royal Jelly and swirled with a whiskey variegato.

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Honey & Whiskey

New Flavours for 2016 Season

New Flavours for 2016 Season

We are very excited about the launch of our new flavours for the 2016 season. A lot of hard work goes in to selecting our new flavours, and here's how it's done.

We begin our research and development phase in January when we visit SIGEP, one of the World's largest ice cream expos, in Rimini, Northern Italy. We are able to learn about new flavours, ideas and ingredients and sample them here. We also attend the Ice Cream Alliance annual expo in Harrogate which takes place in February. We then take ideas back to the factory and begin our new flavour trials. We have a big notice board in our office where everyone can put their new flavour ideas forward. Sometimes, we can have over fifty new flavours to try. There are a number of things to consider e.g. is it cost effective to make? Will it be a good seller? Will it appeal to our customers?

Once we have tasted them, some get eliminated for various reasons. It is at this stage, where we enlist the help of The University of Ulster's Consumer Studies Department. The sensory suite is used to put the short listed flavours through their paces. The group scores the new flavours rigorously marking them each on palatability, flavour, texture, colour etc.

We then have our own tasting session at the factory. This panel includes our production staff, sales team, and members of the Morelli family. The scores from this session are then added to the results from the University and the top rating flavours are chosen as our new flavours. This year we will have five brand new flavours to add to our main range and we will also make two limited edition summer flavours.

For more info on the official launch, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter updates.

Northern Ireland Year of Food & Drink 2016

Northern Ireland Year of Food & Drink 2016

Morelli Ice Cream are proud to support Northern Ireland's Year of Food & Drink 2016

Northern Ireland's Year of Food & Drink 2016 is a celebration of everything delicious about this place. The epic landscapes, traditions and people that make our food heritage so unique.

With 366 days of foodie experiences, there’s no better time to visit and enjoy a true taste of Northern Ireland.

June is "Love Dairy" month - With the amount of lush grassland that covers Northern Ireland it is no wonder that our dairy is award-winning. From farmhouse cheeses and spectacular butter to traditional ice cream we put our dairy to deliciously good use.

With brilliant events lined up all month, swing by to taste the milkiest, creamiest goodies from these shores. More details to follow...